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I know. ‘Fun’ and ‘workouts’ should not be in the same sentence but I am trying my best! During Lock Down, I have dabbled in the home workout trend (as a stay at home Mum, I do them anyway… well, when I can be bothered!) and found a few gems on the internet that I thought I would share with you!

Anyone who knows me knows, I hate exercise. I just can’t be arsed. Plus after you’ve worked out, you have to have a shower, so you don’t bother having a shower beforehand and then when the toddler wakes up immediately after you’ve done your Zumba DVD, you don’t have TIME to rinse yourself of sweat and gross-ness but you have to because, eww?! So you stick your child in front of a screen just so you can have that shower and now you’re a labelled a bad Mum by society. Not to mention you’re absolutely knackered and then you have a kid wanting you to throw her up in the air or run around the garden or dance along to EVERY TOY THAT SINGS OR MAKES MUSIC.

I digress. I have managed to find a few online workouts that are FREE (because I’m skint) and that Olivia likes to join in with or they allow you to alter how long you work out for. Mum friendly!

1. The Fitness Marshall

I’m starting off with my favourite and Olivia’s favourite. The Fitness Marshall is a YouTube channel full of dance fitness videos choreographed to give you a really good work out to modern (and a handful of not-so-modern) hits. They are upbeat and so fun. You don’t even realising your ‘working out’ because it’s just so enjoyable and that is what really sells it to me.

Olivia obviously doesn’t copy the moves but she loves to bop along next to me or sometimes she’s just so mesmerised by the dancers on screen she just stares at them in awe.

The thing I love most about the Fitness Marshall is his personality. His sense of humour and sassiness are what keep me going. I find myself actually laughing while exercising, like I’m enjoying it or something. He and his ‘back-up booties’ are amazing and he has hundreds of videos for you to check out and make up your own work out!

Check him out HERE

Yoga With Adriene

I may not enjoy most work outs but I do enjoy yoga. One thing I don’t enjoy about yoga is yoga classes. They can be very ‘distracting’. From the awkward silences and the mystery farts to the over-enthusiastic and sights of 70+ year old men bending over. It can just make me more tense than zen. So yoga at home is perfect! I don’t have the judgemental eye of strangers, just my dog and he licks his non-existent balls on the sofa, so he can deal with it!

I particularly like Yoga with Adriene because she’s very calming. From her beautiful home to her voice, I feel so soothed. She’s not boastful or dramatic and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She cares about you, your body and your mind. Click HERE to check her out.

She has a range of different Yoga videos that will suit for anyone’s needs. She has yet to do yoga for kids but I do the beginner workout and I don’t see why kids can’t join in. They’re far more flexible than us anyway!


Now, if you’re wanting a bit more of a classic work out, this is more like it. POPSUGAR Fitness focus on weight loss and healthy living. They also regularly cover the most buzzed-about workout classes and trends, including the Victoria’s Secret workout, Tabata, P90X, Bar Method, and more.

They have a huge variety of workout playlists covering everything from 30,40,60 minute workouts, kick boxing work outs, no equipment workouts to workouts focusing on one area of the body. Are they easy? No! But I think that’s the point. Some days, when I am really full of self-hate, I will do one of these in an effort to burn calories and I do feel better for it. It kicks your butt but in a good way!

Or if I’m feeling sluggish or weak, I just do the beginner workout.

Pirouettes and Pullbacks

Now this is for the kids! This is a local children’s dance company to me that specialise in tap, ballet and street/disco. The lovely lady that runs this group (Danielle) is highly creative and also a huge Disney fan (she has good taste). Danielle has created a YouTube channel so that her dancers can still dance from home in the pandemic so I thought I would share it with you! Your little ones will love her dances! Take that Joe Wicks!

If you’d like more information on Danielle’s Dance class ‘Pirouettes and Pullbacks’ and you’re local to Bedfordshire click here for their Facebook Page:


How To Go Out But Stay In

Lock Down has cancelled a lot of our plans for 2020 but does that mean we still can’t do them? Well, sure you can’t go on your all inclusive holiday to Lanzarote but don’t let Lock Down tie you to your sofa!

I have thought of 4 ways you can go out without actually going out!

1. Coffee With Friends

I love nothing more than catching up with friends over a coffee. It instantly lifts my spirits and sets my mood for the day. Before Lock Down, I would meet with one of my mummy friends every week for a walk and a coffee and have a good ol’ chit chat. We had organised a girl’s night out for a huge group of us but that got cancelled (thanks Corona) so we, instead, had a zoom chat. It was like meeting up in a cafe with the girls. We all sat at our laptops with cups of tea and coffee and giggled together. It made me so thankful for modern technology allowing us to actually see each other and talk in a big group. I left that zoom chat feeling my usual uplifted and refreshed self after seeing the girls.

2. Date Night

I don’t know about other Mums, but I love having a date night every now and again. A little break from the little one, a chance to reconnect with my partner and, more importantly, eat something I didn’t have to cook or worry about the washing up! Well, that’s just another thing Corona has mucked up for me! So, instead, we put the baby to bed early and tried to have a date night at home!

We ordered a take away (so that took care of the cooking problem) but I didn’t want it to feel like another night on the sofa. So, we got dressed up like we would on a normal date night. I put make up on and Steven even put on after shave! I lit candles, switched on the fairy lights, laid out a blanket on the floor and dished out the take away into fancy dishes (like we were in a real restaurant) to set the scene. I even put the wine on a fancy tray. Simple, yet effective. We then sat down, watched TV and had our fancy Chinese take away picnic!

3. Boozey Lunch

If Lock Down isn’t an excuse to day drink, then I don’t know what is! Steve and I love going to the pub at lunch time when the weather is gorgeous. Sitting outside in the sun with a cold beer and nibbles, bliss. So, when Olivia was down for her nap, I laid out some nibbles (all fancy like, so it felt like we weren’t at home) and opened up a couple of cold ones. We turned on some music and sat under our pear tree and I swear, it felt like we were on holiday!

Even Cody wanted to join us.

4. Trip To The Cinema

Wanted to go to the cinema with the kids? Now you’re stuck at home and the weather is horrible? 3 words: At, home, cinema. And, no I don’t mean stick a film on and sit on your sofa. What do kids love to do? Build a sofa fort! Grab bed sheets, sofa cushions, chairs, anything you can find and make a fort with your kids. Add blankets, pillows, fairy lights and snacks! Movie snacks are essential. Turn off the lights, turn on the fairy lights, sit on the floor in the fort and watch a movie with your kids. Doesn’t sound like much but you’ll be surprised how much they love it. My little girl is only 18 months and she absolutely loved it!

You could go a step further and set up a projector (you can even buy projectors for your phone). This would be so fun to do outside, too. Like a sundown cinema experience!

So, what have you done to make this Lock Down experience more bearable? Share your experiences in the comments below!


At Home Activities For Toddlers

With all the chaos of the Corona Virus, a lot of people are isolated at home with little ones. While this seems stressful, this is the perfect opportunity to have some fun! I thought I would create a post with some ideas of what to do with your little ones during this time.

Also, sorry for the silence recently! I spent the weekend in Wales for my best friend’s wedding and had an absolutely amazing time!

The following activities are really simple and you probably have everything you need to do all of these. No need to venture out. While all of these activities are simple, children should be supervised at all times.

1. Paper Chutes

These are super easy to make. You could even use the toilet paper tubes that you’ve bulk bought in panic. I used craft card because I didn’t.
All you need to do is tape the paper tubes to a free wall (I used the back of a door) and show your little one how to drop balls into them. If you have any ball-pit balls, these would be perfect. We don’t, so we used play fruit! Get creative! You could use balled up socks, tennis balls or even pompoms!

For older children, you could colour code the tubes and get them to sort different coloured pompoms into them to help them learn their colours.

2. Indoor Croquet

For this you will need: craft card, tape and scissors.
Cut strips of card long enough so small balls can pass through them when you bend them. Fold the ends over and tape to the floor. Little ones can have fun pushing the balls through the arches and older children can play a game with points or use things to hit the balls through.

3. Feet Painting

This is my personal favourite (although probably the messiest). We have a huge roll of paper bought from IKEA but you can use craft paper taped together or old wrapping paper. Dip your little ones’ feet in paint and let them walk across the paper. Older kids could try and spell their name with their feet or make pictures! Fair warning, you’ll have a lot of cleaning up to do!

4. Kitchen Messy Play

My little girl is still too small to help me in the kitchen or do baking together but we love to do kitchen messy play to introduce her to it. Olivia has a play kitchen so we gathered some of the play pots and pans, some rice, pasta and flour, measuring spoons and small toys to use.

I keep this big Tupperware  box of messy play in the cupboard so we can get it out to use any time. We scoop flour into different pots using spoons and mix dry pasta and rice in bowls.

5. Water Play

This is an obvious one but this is my daughter’s favourite! Water play can be messy but you can use this to your advantage! Sometimes, I like to make a washing up bowl of warm soapy water and get Olivia to help me clean her plastic toys. She thinks it is a lot of fun and it gets them clean! Otherwise, the usual things are fun in water: her plastic tea set, measuring spoons, play pots and pans, etc.


Make it extra soapy and play with the bubbles!

6. Other Ideas

Just because you’re in isolation, doesn’t mean you can’t leave the house. Play in the garden and get muddy, plant flowers, go to the park, have a picnic lunch in your garden or paint the fences with water (you’ll be amazed how entertained kids are by this). Remember to pull together in these times. Help a neighbour, look out for those who can’t get out, text that Mother that is home alone with all the kids. Show some support.

Top tip! Everyday, put on some music and dance with your kids. It’ll cure boredom, lift spirits and give a little laughter which is something that is priceless in times like this.

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Make the best of the rain for the storm will pass.

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