Lottie, owner/creator/writer of TheRamblingsofLottie.com

My name is Lottie. I am a stay at home Mum to my little girl, Olivia and fur baby, Cody. I’m a blogger, homemaker, baker, coffee addict and creative mind. I love nothing more than making a home, raising my daughter and enjoying everyday. I may have taken a lot of less-travelled paths but I am a true believer in you should do what makes you happy and an advocate that any girl can do or be whatever she wants.
I created this blog as a way to document my life. I continue to blog in an effort to help people. You will find new recipes every Thursday, fun things to do with the family, ways to improve your mental health or just a little bit of light to brighten your day.

Every Monday, I also upload exclusive content for my Rambling Family members. You can read more about that here: Join the Ramblings Family!

I have big dreams for this blog and I hope you join me on the journey.
Lottie x