Everyone likes to treat their fur babies at Christmas, right? Why not shop small this Christmas and find something extra special for your pooch! Below I have shared my top small businesses that provide excellent products for you and your pup! Maybe you don’t have a dog but you know someone who does? You’ll find the perfect gift for them here! When you shop small you are supporting a dream. So ditch the rawhide and the same-old gifts and find something special with my Dog Gift Guide from Small Businesses!

If you’re new here, you may not know that I have a dog! Cody is my 4.5 year old Beagle! The best way to describe him is: it’s like living with a toddler in a fur suit (for a more detailed look into Cody or to learn more about what it is like having a beagle, read Life of a Beagle Bum Mum).

As much as he is a pain in the arse, he is my first baby. So at Christmas and his birthday I like to treat him like he is one of my babies and buy him gifts. He also gets a special dog-friendly cake on his birthday (check out that post here Pupcakes for Cody’s Birthday).

Christmas is no different. Every year, I buy him special treats, a dog-friendly Christmas dinner, a new toy and sometimes a new bed. He’s destroyed so many and they get used more by the toddler than him, so I’ve given up on the bed this year. However, I will definitely be buying some things from small businesses!

Dog Gift Guide from Small Businesses

Ren & Thread

I’ve talked about this company before and I just have to again because Ren just makes some of the most beautiful things. Plus, she specialises in Beagles! My favourite Christmas item that she makes has to be the stitched fabric decorations. They’re stunning and she has a wide variety of breeds! She also makes a variety of other things that are perfect for Christmas like: wrapping paper, coin purses, coasters, cards, pins and even cufflinks!

Personalised Dog Tree Decoration £14.50

Ren is very kindly offering you a 10% discount on your order with code: LottieChristmas. Valid from 15th to the 22nd November. Check out her shop here!

Paws Off!

Paws Off! is a company that sell natural dog treats for all ages. I love this company because they do not include any rawhide in their products. Stacey (the owner) sells Christmas boxes of varying prices that include a selection of treats, a tennis ball and a squeaky bone.

Luxury Pawsome Christmas Box £25

My favourite Christmas box has to be the Luxury Pawsome Christmas Box (how cute?!). You get: 1x buffalo trachea, 1x turkey foot, 1x pizzle, 4x chicken & cheese sausages, 1x pigs ear, 1x snout, 1x cow hoof, 1x squeaky bone, 1x tennis ball, 1x large santa toy, 1x licky mat with tube of squeezy paste and a Pawsecco Bauble. All for just £25! Stacey can also customize any order to your pets’ needs.

Check out her shop here!

Hounds of Eden

Another lovely company selling beautiful things. Who says owning a dog can’t be stylish? This brand sell the most beautiful harnesses, leads, collars, tags and bow ties (adorable!) in a huge variety of colours and prints. I love how it’s so easy to buy items that match each other.

My favourite product of theirs has to be the Poop/Treat Bags. Again, available in the widest varieties but also so lightweight, compact and beautiful. It’s a place to store your treats on walks but also dispenses standard poop bags easily. Perfect for training!


Hounds of Eden are also offering you 10% off your order when you use the code: RAMBLINGS10
Check them out!

Pet Party Co


How hilarious are these socks?! You can personalise them to have your pet’s face on! I think this would be a perfect gift for Dad. Especially someone who didn’t want the pet to start with but now loves it. Get them these socks! I also think this would be a really fun gift for kids. They’ll forever have their fur best friend on these socks. Get yours here!

Bertie’s Pet Boutique


There’s so many great things from this company. Food containers, water bowls, hoodies, mugs and even stockings for your pooches. The item that has most grabbed my eye (and one I definitely want to get for Cody) is this toy storage basket! It can be personalised with your pet’s name and you can even change the colours. Check them out here!

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