With all the craziness that goes on at this time of year (as well as the craziness of 2020) it’s always a good idea to start preparing for Christmas early. Whether you’re the Grinch and hate Christmas or practically Santa Claus himself, it’s always a good idea to get ahead of the game rather than join the mad rush around on December 24th! Here’s my November Christmas Prep List if you need a little hand this year!

November Christmas Prep List

1. Buy Stamps

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Every year, I buy the cards, write the card list and feel all organised until I realise I forgot the stamps for the cards I post. So frustrating and it’s always this time of year they are in the most demand and harder to get your hands on. So get yours now!

2. Write a Card List

Following on from the stamps, write a list of people you want to send cards to. That way you’ll know how many cards you need but also, how many stamps you’ll need. Additionally, I like to get immediate family cards with our family photo on or ‘extra special’ cards so it’s good to know your numbers for those too.

3. Buy Christmas cards and Gift Wrap

This seems like an obvious one but I always let this slip into December. Buy them in November! You’ll get a better choice and more likely to get it for a better price. Also, allow yourself to check out small or local businesses for these. This also gives you enough time to get your order delivered to you and you can relax knowing you’re fully prepared.

Check out these small businesses for gorgeous cards and gift wrap!

Gorgeous Doggy Gifts and Cards from Ren & Thread (also a fellow Beagle Mum)
Absolutely Stunning Gift Wrap from MiMi Print Co
Beautiful Cards and Gift Wrap from Hutch London

4. Write out cards to be posted

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I like to do this in November so that they’re ready to be posted the first week of December. That way, people will receive them in plenty of time before Christmas!

5. Create a Christmas Gift Budget

With only 1 (or 2) pay days before the big day, it’s important to set yourself some spending limits. The last thing you want is an even tougher January because you over spent in the weeks leading up to Christmas. This isn’t just for gifts! This could be for food, alcohol or even Christmas decorations (I’m definitely one that is guilty for spending too much on decorations and candles at this time of year).

Check out this post about Budgeting at Christmas!
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A Super Savvy Christmas

6.Create a Christmas Gift Spreadsheet

This is usually something I like to do in January, but if you haven’t already, I highly suggest you make one! It’s very simple. Create a spreadsheet on your computer (or a hand written one) and when you buy a gift you log it next to the person’s name (kinda like Santa). I try to buy gifts throughout the year to save the last minute stress of buying but sometimes you can forget what you’ve already bought people. This way, I can keep track of what I’ve bought, what I need to get and who I need to buy for, as well as how much I’ve spent!

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7. Make and freeze cookie doughs

This year, money is tight so a lot of people will be receiving baked goods from us as presents this year. To make sure I’m not rushing around in the kitchen all December and getting stressed over flour and eggs, I’m making my cookie dough in advance. That way, I can defrost the dough and bake the cookies as close to gift giving as I can. This will save me so much time and give me more time to spend on decorating them (which is my favourite part anyway).

You could also do this to save time if you find December very busy and hectic and want some time to bake cookies with the kids. Here are some Christmas cookie recipes that are freezer friendly!
Basic Sugar Cookie Recipe
The Best Gingerbread Biscuits

8. Prep Ideas for Elf on the Shelf

Many families up and down the globe will be preparing for the return of their Elf on the Shelf this December 1st. 25 ideas have to be thought of for the little fella. That’s a lot! Especially if you don’t want to repeat the same ones every year. Here are some fun ideas to use as inspiration for your Elf this year!

9. Tidy and Declutter for Christmas Decorations

I don’t know about you, but I like to go big at Christmas. This means, my decorations take up a lot of room. I like to declutter before decorating so I have a blank canvas for putting my Christmas ornaments in their place. It’s also a really good idea to do a general declutter of things in your home before the big day. With all the extra presents and gifts you’ll be receiving this Christmas, it can be stressful to know where you’re going to put them in your home. This can be said for kids’ toys, especially. It’s good to declutter old toys in preparation for the new! It’s also a great time to teach your children about those less fortunate and maybe donate their old toys!

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10. Make a festive playlist

I, obviously, already have one. Check it out here! This is so useful throughout the season. On a long drive to visit family? Stick on the playlist. Decorating the house? Put on the playlist. Baking cookies? Alexa, play my Christmas playlist. Kids all on their electronics and pretending like you don’t exist? Pour yourself some wine and dance in your kitchen with the dog! That last one just me?

11. Prepare any games

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Maybe you’re a family that actually likes to interact together and play games in the festive season? Time to crack open the games cupboard and check everything has what it needs. Got all the monopoly pieces? Only have half a deck of UNO? Operation looking a little like he has no chance of survival? Now is the time to buy new games if they need replacing before the festive season!

12. Shop January Sales for future Christmas Gifts.

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I know, this one can’t be done in November, obviously. It’s just a top moneysaving tip that I keep telling myself to do but always forget. Shop the January Sales and then add the gifts you’ve bought to the spreadsheet we talked about! Then come November 2021, you might be pretty much sorted or just have one or two things to get people. You will be laughing at the Husbands rushing to Clinton’s on Christmas eve while you sit at home sipping on some Bailey’s and watching The Holiday. Ugh, I love that movie.

I hope you enjoyed my November Christmas Prep List! Is there anything you do this month to prep for the big day? Maybe order your turkey? Prep Christmas party outfits? Let me know in the comments below!

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