2020 has not been the kindest of years. Some people have suffered with their health, some have ended relationships and some have struggled with the lonely isolation and new adjustments. This year had really impacted on us, financially. We’ve had to borrow money from family members just to pay bills and put food on the table. It’s been really tough, so when the thought of Steven’s Birthday came into my head, I knew I had to create a 40th Birthday Weekend on a Budget.

Luckily, Steven has a wonderful family and they treated him to an experience day where he got to taxy in a Lancaster Bomber. It was a complete surprise to him, on his Birthday, and to say he was chuffed would be putting it mildly.

Steven leaning out of the window of a Lancaster Bomber giving a thumbs up - 40th Birthday Weekend on a Budget
Steven in the Lancaster Bomber!


40th Birthday on a budget - the decorations

Meanwhile, I was at home with Olivia trying to do what I could, with the pennies I had, for him. First thing’s first, it’s not a birthday in my house if I don’t get to go all out on decorations! I wanted to go over the top because it is his 40th, after all! I bought this set of party decorations from Amazon. Highly recommend! A ‘Happy Birthday’ Banner, 6 paper (what I call) puff balls, black, gold and white balloons, giant ’40’ balloons, foil balloons (shaped as hearts and stars) and confetti ‘Happy 40th Birthday’ balloons. All of this for £10.99! Excellent quality and beautiful! They since stopped selling the 40th Birthday package but here are some similar options in the same price range:

I wanted to make a display above our dining table so that when he came home, he would see the big display above the table of presents and goodies! I had extra decorations, so I covered the stair banister, too!

40th birthday weekend on a budget - the decorations


If you’ve followed me for a while, you will know that I am a keen baker. So, for Steven’s 40th I made his cakes. Plural. Every year, I make him a Black Forrest Cake (recipe here) and a Giant Jaffa Cake. I made them extra special this year by adding cake toppers. The ‘Hello 40’ cake topper actually came with the decoration pack (see above). However, the black glitter cake topper is one I got personalised and ordered from Etsy for just £5.95. You can check out the shop I got it from here:

Personalised Happy Birthday Cake Topper from Etsy


I thought long and hard (for about a year) about what to get Steven for his 40th birthday. The original plan (a year ago) was to book a weekend away, just the two of us. Since 2020 dampened that plan, I decided I would spend months saving my pennies to get him something special. He needed a new wallet anyway because his old one was falling apart. I got this one from, you guessed it, Etsy. I got his initials engraved on the front of the tan leather for a personal touch. Check out the shop I got it from here!

Steven's gift. A leather wallet with his initials engraved on the front for his 40th birthday weekend on a budget.

I wanted to make the gift a little more meaningful so I slipped in a photocard of Olivia. We had this picture taken in the hospital shortly after I gave birth to Olivia. Because I was too tired and sore, Steven got involved with the photos. It’s the first photo of the two of them together and I love the idea that every time he opens up his wallet (probably to buy her something) he’ll be reminded of how much we love him.

Wallet card photo of Olivia as a new born with Steven's hand caressing her. part of his gift for his 40th birthday weekend on a budget
Newborn Olivia!!!

Fun Day Out

Although, Olivia and I couldn’t be apart of his experience day, we really wanted a fun family day out. The day after his birthday, we booked a family day out at a Pumpkin Patch! We headed to The Pop Up Farm near St Albans with our family friends for fun day out. We all went together last year and we really wanted to make a return again this year. Both of our families have little girls so it was really cute to take them back and see how different they had become in a year.

We love The Pop Up Farm! They have a hay maze, a cute Café, tons of different pumpkins and even sell their own popcorn! Entry was a great price at £2.95 each (Olivia was free)! They had great Covid-19 safety measures and all the staff were so lovely and accommodating. We got some great photos, had some laughs and someone really enjoyed the muddy puddles!

Muddy toddler wellies after the 40th birthday weekend on a budget
To Sum Up…

So, there you go! A 40th Birthday Weekend on a Budget! Obviously, there are ways you can save even more money like: make your own decorations, buy a more budget-friendly gift or even skip the day out and just do something at home.

Despite struggling financially like we never have before, I am grateful. 2020 could have thrown much worse things at us. Have we struggled to buy new clothes for Olivia, pay for a broken car and repay loans? Absolutely, but in the uncertainty, anxiety and sleepless nights, we had each other. Steven being furloughed meant he was home more. He got to watch Olivia grow and play while so oblivious to the horror in the world around her. Everyone was healthy and safe at home and that’s all I could ever ask for.

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