Now that spooky season is officially here, I finally get to decorate. I will be sharing with you my current Halloween Decor but also throwing in some bits and pieces I love from Etsy UK! Now, I don’t want any Negative Nellies telling me it’s too early. 2020 has been a rubbish year for us all, let people do whatever makes them happy. So, if I want to decorate for Halloween on October 1st, March 19th or even December 26th, I will.

Let’s start with my current Halloween Decorations!

I have a huge mixture of things I decorate my house with for Halloween. Some things I have gotten from Home Sense in the last couple of years and some pieces I have had since I was little and hold a lot of sentimental value. My Mum visited the other day and noticed my first Trick or Treat bag that we bought from USA when I was 9. She said “You still have this?” and my response was “Of course!” because it holds a lot of happy memories for me.

Amongst the other sentimental items are 2 capes. One bright red, 6ft long cape with pointed collar that I think my Dad wore one Halloween as Dracula. The reason I hold this cape so close to my heart is because every year, it would be forced on the dog to put it on and somewhere in our family photos there is a picture of Eric (childhood dog) wearing it with sunglasses on. It’s one of our family’s favourite photos. Now, I make Cody wear it! It’s like tradition!

I’m a sucker for a garland. I find them irresistible. Currently, I have 6 around my house: the staple ‘Happy Halloween’ garland (adorned with fairy lights), a pompom garland (because they’re always cute), a witches hat garland, a balloon ‘BOO’ garland (from ASDA this year), a bloody weapons garland and vintage-looking ghost bunting.

So, I’m a bit pumpkin obsessed. I just find them so cute as well as aesthetically pleasing. In my house we have Jack O’ Lanterns, light up pumpkins, mini pumpkins, pumpkin lights, paper pumpkins, skeleton pumpkin heads, a pumpkin bobble head and even a pumpkin candle. I love them all and I want more!

from Home Sense a couple of years ago

I’m also a sucker for a good candy dish, even though I’m more of a chocolate kinda girl.

For other Halloween Decoration ideas, check out Wildflower and the Bear blog for a post on Easy Halloween Decorations.

My Etsy Wish List

This time of year, I am always trawling the interwebs looking for more Halloween Decorations that make me happy and that I can fill every nook and cranny of my home with. This year was no different. One of my favourite places to look is Etsy.

Etsy has hundreds (if not thousands) of creative small businesses making amazing things for us to put in our homes this season. With everything going on in the world right now, I think it is really important to try our best to support small businesses. So, I thought I would share with you some of my top finds for you to check out!


Hi, my name is Lottie and I’m a Garland addict. So naturally this is the top of my wish list!

1. Pumpkin and Ghost Garland

£14 +postage

I mean – how cute? I feel like the cute side of Halloween will never go out of style. So things like this I am always wanting! Get yours here!

2. Frankenstein, Bat and Pumpkin Felt Garland


This is great for a kids party! However, you could bring this out every year. It’s perfect if you’re not a fan of scary things or you have young children. I want it because it is freaking cute! Shop Now!

3. Rustic Halloween Pumpkin Garland

£13 (FREE Delivery)

This is very sophisticated. I would probably decorate with something like this in September and leave it up through Halloween. It really gives that rustic Farmhouse vibe that I am such a sucker for! You can also get this in the same colour. So instead of the pumpkins being different colours, they also have the garland in just orange pumpkins. Buy now!

Pumpkin Things!

1. Personalised Pumpkin Decorations

£7.60+ (+postage)

These are such a good idea! I love the look of these stickers on pumpkins that decorate family front porches. It’s adorable! A great way to use these is to get the whole family involved, painting their own pumpkins (kids especially) and then popping one of these on top of their artwork. It’s so effective! So, you can choose what it says, it could be ‘Happy Halloween’ Maybe get separate ‘Trick’ ‘or’ ‘Treat’ to put on pumpkins and then display them together or even the names of the artists! Order now!

If you like a bit of DIY, check out A Rose Tinted World blog for a post teaching you How to Make a Halloween Wreath.

2. Freestanding Mickey ‘BOO’

£22.99 +postage

If you know me, you know I am not just Halloween obsessed. I am also Disney obsessed! So combining the two is just like combining the happiest place on Earth with the most magical time of year. It just makes sense. So this is right up my street! Get yours here!

3. Hanging Flying Felt Pumpkin

£10.15 (FREE Delivery)

I’ll be honest: I don’t know what this is. It makes me laugh and I think its pretty cute so therefore I want it. I think it’s good to fill your life with things that make you smile or laugh even if you don’t know why. You should surround yourself with as much happiness as possible. Find him here!

Other Treasures

1. Scandinavian Halloween Gnomes

£20 (each) +postage

I have these out for Christmas and I even bought a giant one that wobbles, from COSTCO last year. Now, I have found Halloween ones? I have to have them! Get yours here!

2. Giant Black Bat Balloon

£6.49 +postage

Perfect for a kids’ party! I just want it because it’s (again) super cute! I know it’s not really something you can use year after year. However, a lot of people are favouring indoor parties at home with their families this year over Trick or Treating. If you are – THANK YOU – then this is perfect for that! Get it here!

3. Halloween Window Stickers

£7 (FREE Delivery)

Even though Trick or Treating isn’t really happening this year, I still think it’s nice to put on a display. Where I live, it’s not wise to leave decorations and pumpkins outside your home. It’s a regular thing for people’s plant pots and gnomes to go missing. Maybe you don’t have an outside space to create a display? These window stickers are perfect! I’d love to put these in my kids’ bedroom windows for the season. Get them here!

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Thank for reading my Halloween Decor + Etsy Wish List. If you’d like to support my small business and love Halloween, check out my T-shirt and Tote Bag Shop here!

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