This year has seen a significant rise in online classes. With Covid still on the prowl, online classes for children, teens and even adults have become extremely popular. Online Art Classes are perfect for anyone of any age looking to do something creative. Practising creativity is proven to boost mental health and be a form of mindfulness. And who doesn’t want that this year? I was lucky enough to be invited to try out a pencil portrait tutorial from the Cygnet Art School and also share it with you, my lovely readers!

About Cygnet Art School

Cygnets is a children’s art school franchise based in the UK. Their focus is on the teaching of traditional skills such as drawing, painting and sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, and professional quality materials. Their classes are taught by experienced artist-teachers in a step-by-step, enjoyable way that children can understand and take beyond the classes. Cygnets offer a variety of services including: Term Time Classes, Holiday Workshops, Birthday Parties, Adult Classes and Online Classes. Find out more on their website here.

My Experience

First of all, let me say that I am a very creative person. I love to get lost in a creative project and feel the sense of accomplishment once it’s finished (although nothing is ever perfect to me). With that in mind, I am not a very good artist. I am not talented when it comes to pencil drawing. I can doodle, that’s about it! However, the Cygnet Art Class helped me create this!

All with just a normal HB pencil, a rubber and a pencil sharpener. Now I’m usually my biggest critic but I thought this was actually pretty good!

The Lesson

You are guided step-by-step by an art teacher who not only shows you what to do but explains beautifully how and why. You’re not taught just what to do for this piece, you are given techniques that you can apply to other works. It is slow paced, easy to follow and simple to understand. I loved the online class in particular because, unlike a regular art class, you can pause it. So should you not understand a part or need something explained twice or even if you just need to catch up, you can pause the class, rewind and replay. This also allows you to grab a cuppa half way through, come back and finish a piece at another time or (if you’re me) rearrange the blanket so the dog can get underneath it, without ruining your work. (Thanks Cody).

For All Skills

Another thing I liked about this class was it was perfect for beginners but also, if art is a regular hobby of yours then they also cater to that. For example: the picture I drew was with a HB pencil. However, maybe you have a art pencil set at home? They also showed you how to use those to create the same piece, which pencils you’d need and why. You could even start as a beginner and as your skills grow, advance with the same tutorial!

The Class was around an hour long but it honestly, flew by! I took the class on a day that was particularly stressful (sleep regressions in toddlers are no joke). I sat on my sofa (dog in lap) with my sketch book and pencil and just allowed myself to be consumed in this class. It was honestly like mindful colouring and afterwards I had this sense of “I did something good today, for me”. Can’t we all use that feeling these days?

If you’re interested in the Cygnet Art School and some of their online classes, I cannot recommend enough! Check out some of their Online Classes here: Cygnet Art School Online Classes

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