I am in no way a fashionista. I do not keep up with fashion trends or have time or the money to continually buy new clothes. That’s a lie. I’m forever buying new clothes. They’re just not for me! They’re for my ever growing toddler. Who knew they grew so much and you have to buy different things for different seasons! Did you know that? Me? I run around in leggings and a hoodie all year round. Every year. I do have nice clothes, really I do but thanks to the pandemic I don’t have to wear them. So, I thought I would create an Autumn Lookbook: Mum Edition to let you know, it’s okay if you’re still wearing the hoodie you wore when you were 9 months pregnant. It’s okay to wear that Halloween T-shirt all year round because it makes you happy. It might not be ‘on-trend’ or whatever they wear in Vogue these days but if it makes you happy, who cares?

Also, keep reading because I have a very exciting announcement at the end of this post!!!

Autumn Mum Look #1 – Walking the Dog

I love this look. It’s timeless and chic and has Halloween flare. The black and white contrasting stripes really make the fresh satsuma colour pop. Paired with the liquorice leggings, as a symbol for the darkness in our lives and the boots representing the hike that is life.

Autumn Lookbook: Mum Edition posing against a tombstone
Casual photoshoot in a pet cemetery

No but really…
The striped top I have had for 3 years. It was perfect for while I was pregnant as it is tight fitting and really showed off my bump. I loved my bump, does anyone else miss their bump post-pregnancy? Anyway, the black leggings are just a basic need in my wardrobe. No idea where I bought either of them (probably Primark). The orange cardigan is a bit on the bold side for my taste but it screams Autumn so I took a leap of faith and bought it. No regrets. Probably from Matalan. The boots, ah the boots, I love these. They were from Next a few years ago but they make it look like I’ve made an effort, without having to.

Autumn Mum Look #2 – Popping to the Shops

Autumn Lookbook: Mum Edition posing in my kitchen with a cookie jar
I don’t take my Jack cookie jar to the shops but I just love him.

Oh, now this is a statement piece. Yes, the bright orange T-shirt with Snoopy on it was something my parents brought back from the states with them while I was pregnant. I have loved it ever since. No, it’s not trendy or sexy or chic but it makes me happy. I usually wear it to bed but around this time of year, I pair it with dark jeans and hit the town! By town I mean Tesco. I love snoopy and Halloween and it’s comfy so I’m wearing it!
Also, not forgetting the mask! Don’t be daft, wear a mask. I got this one from a really niche shop that only trendy people really buy from called… Amazon.

But seriously, if you wear glasses and they constantly fog up, this mask is great and doesn’t fog up my lenses.

Autumn Mum Look #3 – Coffee Run

Autumn Lookbook: Mum Edition posing with my Starbucks and Autumn leaves on a bridge.
Not forgetting the messy bun. The crown of a Mum.

Probably the most important. I look quite human here, don’t I? The coat was from BooHoo a few years ago. The boots were probably from Next a few years ago. The jeans were from Next last year. Anyone else only wear high-waisted skinny jeans after having a baby?
The T-shirt is around 13 years old. It was my Dad’s and he brought it back from the USA when we went on holiday. He wore it for a couple of years and then gave it to me. I still wear it now. It says ‘Official Halloween Candy Dispenser” and it makes me happy. So that was my Autumn Lookbook: Mum Edition now here’s the…

Big Announcement…

I realised all the clothes that make me happy are ones we bought from America around Halloween. They’re the ones I wear year after year and probably all year round. They make me smile and that’s how I’ve always dressed. I’ve always loved T-shirts that make me smile. I love them to have sayings or artwork on them that I like.

I hunt every year for T-shirts that have something that makes me smile or laugh on them. Every year, I’m disappointed. I guess it’s just not ‘trendy’. For a long time, I have been thinking about making my own T-shirts. I’ve put it off and made excuses until one day I just thought… “Fuck it”. I have spent HOURS designing, product placing and making a website for my T-shirt line. Is that what we’re calling it? The Ramblings Autumn/Winter 2020 line? I’m not sure about that.

My T-shirt Shop!

Here are just some of my T-shirts that are on sale right now!

These are some Tote Bags I have designed too. I find tote bags to be a life saver because you can shove them in your handbag in case you spontaneously pop to the shops. Also, they’re so much cuter than the supermarket ‘bags for life’.

I also designed a couple of T-shirts for kids. Growing up, I was Halloween obsessed and loved getting dressed up and going Trick or Treating. My brother was the complete opposite. Being Autistic, it filled him with anxiety but he always loved bright and colourful T-shirts. I thought maybe if he had a fun T-shirt to celebrate the occasion, he would feel more involved. So I created these T-shirts for the kids that aren’t fans of dress up or if your kid just love Halloween as much as I do and want to wear Halloween T-shirts all year round!

The Shop

Check out the whole collection here: SHOP NOW!

My hope is to make enough money to be able to put more products out (maybe even some Christmas products) and be able to alter the prices. Please take a look around the shop and share it with your friends! I will do a more in depth blog post about the products soon so keep your eye out for that!

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