Were you one of those people who bulk bought TP at Tesco when the Lock Down began? Do you now find yourself with an abundance of toilet roll? Are you just someone looking for easy and cheap crafts to do with your kids? If so, toilet roll crafts are perfect!

In this post you will find 6 toilet roll crafts you can do from home that all involve a toilet roll tube. They’re really easy to get a hold of and really cheap. A major plus is you will be saving the environment! You’ll be turning something that would just be thrown away into an activity or useful item around the home. It will entertain your kids and it’s a good opportunity to talk to them about the importance of reusing and recycling.

1. Toilet Roll Fish Kites

These are so beautiful and you can really get creative with these. Crack out the craft box and really get stuck in. If you’re brave, you can even break out the glitter!

What you will need:
  • 1 x toilet roll tube per fish kite
  • pencil
  • felt tips or stickers
  • sharpie
  • googley eyes or card
  • tape
  • glue
  • string
  • scissors
  1. Draw on your scales with a pencil onto the toilet roll tube. Then, colour them in with felt tip. You can use any colours you like, or you could even use paint or glitter! Alternatively, you could use sparkly stickers and overlap them to look like scales.
  2. Outline your scales with a sharpie and cut around the top scales.
  3. Attach cuts of ribbon or tissue paper to the inside of the toilet roll tube (with tape) at the end you cut out.
  4. Stick on googley eyes to the side of your tube. Alternatively, draw eyes and cut out of card then attach with glue.
  5. Attach some string to the mouth end, secure with tape and hang anywhere you need to brighten up!

I think these look great outside. The way the fish sway in the wind is so pretty and instantly brightens up any outside space!

2. Fire Breathing Dragon

Very simple and fun and ‘roar’-some craft for any reptile-lover.

What you will need:
  • 1 x toilet paper roll per dragon
  • green card or green paint
  • googley eyes or green card
  • pens
  • red/orange/yellow tissue paper/ribbon/string (tissue paper works best)
  • tape
  1. Measure your green card to fit around your toilet paper tube. Secure one side to the toilet paper roll with tape, roll the card around the tube then secure the other end with tape. Ensure the entire tube is covered by the green card.
    Alternatively, paint the tube with green paint and leave to dry.
  2. Cut lengths of tissue paper and tape to the inside of the tube on one end.
  3. Decorate your dragon with googley eyes and nostrils. I created my dragon’s eyes with green card. I cut out 2 arch shapes, drew on the pupils, cut them out, bent them at the bottom and secured them onto the tube with tape.
  4. After that, your little one can then blow through the end of the tube to make your dragon breathe fire!

You can decorate these however you like! You can use reds, purples or oranges and maybe add stickers or glitter. Add eyelashes to make it a girly dragon!

3. Toilet Roll Bird Feeder

This is the best way to recycle. Giving something, you otherwise would have thrown away, a purpose. What better way than to give back to nature?

What you will need:
  • 1 x toilet paper tube per feeder
  • bird seed
  • string
  • scissors
  • Safe peanut butter (this is the one I use-it’s animal safe. 100% natural and only has one ingredient -peanuts!)
  1. Spread the peanut butter over the toilet roll tube until it is completely covered (on the outside only).
  2. Pat on the bird seed and push into the peanut butter so that it will stick.
  3. After that, loop the string through the tube and tie the ends together so it can be hung.
  4. Hang your feeder onto a tree or anywhere birds can get to it safely and wait to see your visitors.

4. Party Poppers!

Homemade party poppers! This was the most fun to create and guess what… yes, you can use glitter! These are great because you can use for them for any occasion: birthdays, weddings, graduations. You can fill these with either pink or blue confetti to fire off at a gender reveal party or baby shower! Definitely, one of my favourite toilet roll crafts.

What you will need:
  • 1 x toilet roll tube per popper
  • Patterned card or paint (you could even decoupage)
  • a balloon
  • tape
  • confetti (we made our own with tissue paper)
  1. Stretch and blow up your balloon. Release the air and cut the tail of the deflated balloon off.
  2. Stretch the balloon over the end of the toilet roll tube so it is a tight fit. Secure with tape.
  3. Cut your card to fit around your toilet roll tube. Secure one end of the card to the tube with tape, then wrap the card around and secure the other end with tape. Ensure the whole of the outside of the tube is covered by the card.
    Alternatively, paint the tube and leave to dry or decoupage the tube and leave to dry.
  4. After that, fill the tube with confetti. Similarly, you could use glitter.
  5. To fire, hold the tube in one hand firmly. Pull the balloon bottom down and release to fire the confetti into the air!

5. Ball Chute

In a previous post- At Home Activities For Toddlers– I created a ball chute for my kiddo on our living room door. You could recreate this using toilet roll tubes! Click the link to see how!

6. Toilet Roll Binoculars

Is your little one an adventurer? Why not create these for their explorations? I think it would be so fun to take these on a nature walk and see what you can see through them!
Click here to find out how: https://buggyandbuddy.com/toilet-paper-roll-binoculars-craft-for-cloud-observation/

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