If any of you are loyal readers, you’ll know that I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a while now. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. I work really hard on these posts for you and I work it around being a Mum and a homemaker. People ask me how I find the time. The answer is, I make time. I know that’s so cliché but when you love doing something and you’re passionate about it, you do make time.

So, nap times, screen time, lunch time, snack time and in the middle of the night are all times I have worked on this blog. I have battled internet issues, laptop issues, account issues, html-very-confusing-falangie issues. Why?

For you.

I like to think I’m helping people. Maybe a Mum who doesn’t know what to do with her kids this weekend, maybe someone who is sick to death of long dinner prep, maybe someone who wants to make something sweet to cheer themselves up or maybe just someone who needs a little pick-me-up and reassurance that it will all be ok. Whoever you are, I like to think I’m building a little family.

So, I have created something that will enable you to join the family! I am providing members of the Ramblings Family with weekly exclusive content. That means content only members of the Ramblings Family can see.

For £5 a month, you will be an official Ramblings Family member and have all of this emailed to your inbox every Monday morning (so you can start your week right).

But what will I actually get for my money?

Good question, inanimate voice. Once you become a Ramblings Family member, you will have access to two things: Exclusive blog content and the Ramblings Family Newsletter.

Exclusive blog content

These are blog posts written especially for my Ramblings Family members. This will be things like: how I plan my meals every week or Mum hacks for toddlers. You will have opportunity to tell me what kind of blog posts you would like to see and these posts will contain infographics (see below) or printables (like beautifully illustrated lists/quotes) created by me for you to use at home.

The Ramblings Family Newsletter

Here is where you’ll be updated about what is going on in my life. You’ll get the inside scoop on what I’m working on, what I’m loving to watch and what I’m listening to. There will also be ‘Shout outs’ where I will recommend products and companies that I love and think you will too, as well as discount codes/vouchers for them! So you could save some money too!


You might be wondering why I’m doing this. Well, for many reasons. I love what I do and I would love to turn this into an income that can support my family. I also want to support this family. The one I have here on the blog. I have so many creative ideas and projects I want to do for you but, unfortunately, if you want to do anything like that, you need money. So your £5 a month would not only support my little family at home, it will support the blog.
For example: the Ramblings Family is sort of like a super cool club. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had club T-shirts? Yes! Well, I need money to do that.
That’s the kind of thing I am hoping the Ramblings Family members can help me grow.

Still not sure you want to be a Ramblings Family member? Well, because I love you all so much, you can see below a ‘taster’, if you will. This is just an example of the kind of thing you will be getting every Monday when you join the Ramblings Family.

An example of what the Ramblings Family newsletter contains
Just an example of the beautifully illustrated quotes
Example of an infographic

So what are you waiting for? Join the Family!

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But Lottie, I can’t afford that and I still want to support you.

I completely understand. Times are tough and money is hard to come by. Don’t worry, you can still support me by following me on all my social media platforms and sharing my content. It would really help me out if you could share this blog post (or just my site in general) on your social media!

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