I think as parents we all have those days that are harder than others and sometimes those days can feel like weeks or turn into weeks and its hard to remember a time where things were good and sometimes it’s hard to have hope that they’ll be good again. You try to tell yourself that this storm will pass but when you’re stuck in the rain it’s hard to think of anything else. You think “I’m a mum (or dad) I should know what to do” or “I should be able to figure out how to calm my distressed child” or “why can’t I figure out what my child needs”. And I hate to use the F word but you feel like a failure. Right?
If this is you, take comfort in the fact every parent has been where you are right now. It’s okay to feel that way. You’re not doing anything wrong. If you have made sure your child is: safe, healthy, fed, dry, clean, warm, burped, cuddled, loved and comfortable then you have done your job to the max. Sometimes kids are demons (yes I am including newborns). Sometimes they’re going through development changes that we just don’t understand or are having a cranky day or are just being sh*ts. That doesn’t mean it’s your fault or you’re not doing enough. Being a Mum for me has been the most mentally challenging thing. One day you could be having the best day. Long naps, healthy meals, trips to the park, all the chores done and the next it could be no naps, refusing to eat, never leaving the house and living in a pig sty. But the bad times make you appreciate the good. So if you need to cry because your tiny human won’t stop crying, go ahead! If you need to put them to bed early so you can have a glass of wine and cry into that, do it! If you need to hide chocolates in the tampon box in the bathroom so you can secretly eat while your family think your pooping… is that one just me?
I thought I would share some ‘mum’ quotes that help me when I feel like this. Maybe they can help you too.


Feel free to return to this page anytime you need that boost or send it to someone to remind them they’re doing a good job. I think mums need to help build each other up more and not mum shame one another. #mindyourownmotherhood
Go and tell that Mumma that she is doing an amazing job!

I found all these quotes on Pinterest.

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