It’s that time of year again. Autumn! Or ‘Fall’ for you American folks. This is my favourite time of year. The colours of the trees are gorgeous, the nights come earlier and it gets a little chillier. I look forward to this season every year as it is jam-packed full of the things I love. So without further adieu, here is my Autumn to do list.

  1. Attend the Steam Fayre
    The Steam Fayre is an event that happens locally every year. It’s held in the grounds of the Shuttleworth House in Bedfordshire. It last for 3 days in the middle of September and, for me, it kick-starts the season. It’s sort of like a country fair with Steam engines and an old-fashioned fairground thrown in there. The food choices are to die for (I highly recommend the waffles and german sausage vendors), there’s shows in the main arena and lots of interesting stalls. We usually spend the time sitting on hay bales, eating cake and drinking tea.
    But, my favourite part of the Steam Fayre is on a Saturday night, as it gets cold and dark, friends and family come together and spend the evening at the fairground. There are steam engines in rows, all chugging away and they’re lit up. That, combined with the lights from the fairground, makes the whole parkland look like times square. There’s steam organ music playing, screams from people on the rides and the place is full of people chatting and huddling by the engines for warmth. The smell of smoke from the engines is oddly comforting and exciting. We walk around and chat and socialise, we may even have a go or two on the dodgems (because we’re big kids) but a must-do tradition is the victorian steam yachts. They’re kind of like old fashioned pirate ships. You climb into a yacht and take the back seats (very important). You sit with your feet on the seat infront of you and your fingers gripping to the netting behind you. There is no safety belt or bar to hang onto or anything keeping you in your seat as the yacht starts to swing. It gets higher and higher and you feel yourself falling vertically out of your wooden seat towards the person on the opposite side to you. You grip onto the netting for dear life until the yacht swings again and slams you back down into your seat. This repeats continually until you  leave the ride a jelly-legged giggling wreck. Every year we come off the ride laughing. Every year we are marvelled by it.

    Cosy Up The Home
    Autumn and Winter are perfect excuses to make home the coziest nest of comfort. This means: blankets, lighting candles, autumnal decor, fairy lights, comforting food and TV nights on the sofa. I like a lot of woodland inspired decor in my home as I find it quite relaxing and uplifting. Autumn is the perfect excuse to go all out in the woodland decor. 21271339_1686078711411442_1777811015873839454_n
    I mentioned comforting food. This is very important. Why? Because it’s food! I love food. Especially this time of year. It’s the time of : soups, stews, roasts, warm desserts (crumble and custard!) and warm drinks. What’s the ultimate Autumn drink? A PSL! Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks are the celebratory drink of Autumn. Like people celebrating the New Year with champagne, I celebrate the new season with a PSL. It’s cliche, basic and everyone goes on about them but I don’t care. I love them!

    The other great food item of Autumn is the s’more. Yes, I know it’s American but it’s a fave. A s’more is traditionally a toasted marshmellow sandwiched by chocolate and graham cracker. I normally just sandwich a toasted marshmellow between two chocolate digestives or, failing that, I pop a marshmellow on a chocolate digestive biscuit in the microwave for 10-20 seconds, then squish another biscuit on top and delve into the sticky gooey-ness that is comfort food heaven. Seriously, try it.
    I also mentioned TV. You know it’s Autumn when the Great British Bake Off graciously dawns our screens. Big fan, big fan. Also, when I hear that Strictly theme tune I know Christmas is only round the bend. Sticking to the Autumn theme, I look forward to the new season of American Horror Story on Netflix every year so I can watch it over a few weeks. I say watch it… I mean watch it through my fingers while gripping onto my boyfriend’s arm for dear life, but I still enjoy it every year.
  3. Watch Halloween Movies
    So aside from the scary movies we watch, there are movies that have to be watched every Autumn and they will be watched every Autumn until I die. I will even make my children watch these every Autumn. One is ‘Hocus Pocus’. I loved this film as a child and I continue to love this film as an older ‘more adult’ child. Although as an adult I can relate to Whinny the witch more.
    Another must-watch film this time of year is ‘Practical Magic’. I think I inherited my love of this film from my Mum. Thinking about it now, she probably forced me to watch it ( as I will with my children) but I’m glad she did. This film made me want to become a witch. I would make spell books, try to light candles by blowing on them and tried to make my spoon independantly spin round in my hot drink!
    giphy (1).gif
    ‘Halloweentown’. Now this film I found independantly by watching it on Disney Channel when I was like 9? I still love it. It brings back such good memories of Halloween when I was little and the excitement of it all. It’s about a girl who discovers she’s a witch and all the women in her family are witches too. Her Grandmother lives in, you guessed it, Halloweentown where all the residents are ghouls, goblins, vampires, werewolves, etc.
    giphy (2).gif
  4. Take a Woodland Walk
    Walking in the woods in Autumn is the most beautiful thing. I love it even more now we have our dog, Cody. The leaves are beautiful, the wildlife are out and I wish I could bottle the smell of the woods in Autumn when the sun is out but it’s still a little chilly.

    As you can see, Autumn is also a great time for photography and I am going to really push myself to take my camera out more often in these coming months!
    Hope you enjoyed :). What’s on your Autumn to do lists?

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